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Legal Consultant (1 Post)

Legal Consultant (1 Post)

The Central Information Commission has invited applications for preparation of a panel of Legal Consultant on contract basis initially for a period of one year which may be extended subject to satisfactory performance. Central Information Commission is a statutory...

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How to easily get Copyright Registration in India?

What is a Copyright? Copyright grants the author of the original material the exclusive right to use and reproduce it for a certain period of time until it becomes public. Copyright Protection exists for original works whose authorship is fixed in a tangible medium of...

#1 Central Vista Project: History and Development

Central Vista Project is a stretch of land between Rashtrapati Bhavan, at the top of Raisina Hill and India gate. And it was designed as the Capital of British India as the centre of administration, was inaugurated in 1931.

Covid-19: Socio-Legal Implications

The world has faced many tragedies over time, but some of this had a lasting impact on society, such as the Great Plague of London (1665-1666), Russian plague (1770-1772), Philadelphia yellow fever epidemic (1793), Spanish Flu (1918- 1920), H1N1 Swine Flu pandemic...

Patent: Does it promote or stifle innovation?

In terms of promoting or stifling Innovation, what role do patents play? It’s a never-ending debate with plenty of passionate viewpoints. Let us read Patent: Does it promote or stifle innovation? to find it out.